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Career Counseling For Class 6th, 7th and 8th Student

There is no career decision required in these classes. There are only vocational courses which students need to select, which lay the foundation of career going further. However, career counselling for students of class 6th to 8th can ignite the interest in academics and help children choose extracurricular goals that align with their potential career paths.

Career Counselling can offer tips on effective study habits and time management, establishing a strong foundation for future academic success. Career Counsellors can introduce students to a wide range of career options, helping them explore their interests, strengths, and aptitudes.

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Why does your Child need Career Counseling in Class 6th, 7th and 8th ?

Career counselling for students in Class 6th, 7th, and 8th is crucial because it provides them with early exposure to a diverse range of career possibilities, helping them discover their interests and strengths. By engaging in such counseling at this stage, children can make more informed academic and extracurricular choices that align with their future career aspirations, setting a strong foundation for their educational journey and ensuring that they develop essential skills and knowledge tailored to their desired paths. Early guidance also empowers them to adapt and plan effectively, fostering confidence and motivation as they progress through their schooling years.

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Find Career Counsellor Near you

We provide face to face career counselling in your area so that our career counsellor can interact with the child and help them explore diverse range of career possibilities. This sets a strong foundation and encourages them towards academics. You also connect with the right mentor for your child, who is available for your support as and when required.

Comprehensive Career Test For Class 6th, 7th and 8th

Our comprehensive career test not only determines the career options and interests, but also gives a complete overview of academic parameters which can help you in dealing with your child as a parent and you can tailor-make your child’s learning program. The best part is that the results of our inborn intelligence test don’t change over a period of time.

Knowledge Bank

We provide a vast knowledge bank in the form of career documents which are regularly updated, and also in form of videos and blogs. You will get access to various profile building measures including scholarships, competitions, olympiads and many Government programs, knowhow of which are required by students at an early age, so that they can participate accordingly.

Career Counselling After 12th

If you have completed your 12th Grade, career counselling after 12th will help you choose the right course and right college. Students are generally confused about choosing a course as they are not sure about career prospects as well as their individual strengths and interests in that field. Career Counselling after 12th can help them explore their strengths and interests through career tests and they also get a complete career roadmap to achieve a career goal.

Career Counselling after 12th also helps in choosing a right college / university considering various parameters like faculty, infrastructure, placements, subjects offered and much more. Career counsellor can make you aware about various possibilities, including colleges offering integrated post-graduation degree after 12th, corporate programs offering learn and earn programs, or even government jobs after 12th.

Career Options After 12th Science

After completing 12th grade with a science background, students have a wide range of career options to choose from within Medical as well as Non-Medical domain. The career possibilities largely depend on the combination of specific subjects studied in class 12th (e.g., Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics). However, students should choose their career path based on market possibilities as well as individual strengths and interests.

Some high paying career options in Science Stream are Data Scientist, Doctor and Pilot.

Career Options After 12th Commerce

After completing 12th grade with a commerce background, students have a wide range of career options to choose from in both cases, whether you opt for commerce with Maths or without Maths. Career counselling can help you explore various options and also make you aware of opportunities in Government/PSU sector in addition to corporate houses. Students should choose their career path based on market possibilities as well as individual strengths and interests and career counselling helps in exploring the strengths.

Some high paying career options in Commerce Stream are Investment Banker, Actuary, Management Consultant or CA.

Career Options After 12th Arts

Gone are the days, when Arts/Humanities was considered to be the last career choice and that too for students who are not very keen for studies. Today, Humanities also opens up wide variety of career options with high payouts. Career counselling for 12th with Humanities can make you aware of various opportunities in this Stream as well as make you understand your strengths and interests so that you take an informed decision.

Some high paying career options in Humanities Stream are UI/UX Designer, Lawyer, Advertising and Public Relations.

How We Help Students For Class 6th, 7th and 8th

Student Dashboard

You get access to a dynamic student dashboard, which provides end to end career solutions including a knowledge database through career library, career videos, career blogs, career docs etc. You also get to know about various scholarships, competitions etc. to help you build a strong profile. All this is available to you throughout your career journey. Furthermore, it also provides you an earning opportunity by referring our portal to your friends.

Research & Explore

We have a dedicated research team, which works consistently to ensure that you get access to knowledge about various activities, scholarships, competitions etc. and hence don’t miss out on any opportunity.


We provide face to face as well as online career counselling through our experts who are trained for the same and get continuous exposure on various career opportunities. Our counsellors are child and parenting experts with more than 10 years of experience in counselling. They encourage and boost your confidence to such a level that you strive to excel in your academic journey.

Career Foundation

Till the time you decide your career goal, it is very important that you get exposure to various activities and hone your skills to prepare yourself in such a way that you are ready to take up any career in future. Also, once you identify your strengths, the next important step is to work in such areas so that they don’t remain undiscovered and can be improved in the best possible way.

Extensive Support & Resources

We provide extensive support and resources which act as a one-stop solution for all your academic, behaviour and career needs. Our team understands that you have approached us for a concern and we make sure that we make all efforts so that all your queries are addressed. In consideration of the same, we don’t charge additional per visit fee and give them an open platform to resolve all their queries with support of our team once they register with us.

FAQs/ Career Counseling For Class 6th, 7th and 8th Student

Career Counselling can help you gain interest in academics and also choose activities, which align with future career goals. Career Counsellors can introduce students to a wide range of career options, helping them explore their interests, strengths, and aptitudes.

Yes, these are foundation years to start exploring the possibilities and giving your child the right exposure of activities so that by the time you need to take a career decision, there is no confusion. With early intervention, you can develop the skills of child and also increase their academic focus.

You must opt for Dermatoglyphics based Inborn Intelligence Test which is based on Fingerprints. The best part about this test is that since fingerprints don’t change over a period of time, the results of this test are lifetime and are independent of mindset. This means that career options will be same if you get this test done anytime again in life.

At this stage of your career journey, you should focus on exploring the career options and choosing the right activities which are aligned with your strengths. Inborn Intelligence test helps you discover your true potential and hence early planning towards career.

We conduct an Inborn Intelligence Test which is based on Science of Dermatoglyphics. Based on the reports of the assessment, our counsellors reveal the correct Learning and Acquiring style of the child and also reveal possible career options for future.