Best Career Guidance & Career Counselling in Pune Near me

4 Best Career Counsellors in Pune Near me

Connect with the 4 Best Career Counsellors for Students in Pune Near me are available for Career Guidance and Career Counselling in Pune Near me.

Rhea Malhotra

Rhea Malhotra is a seasoned educational counselor with a Master's in Education and National Certified Counselor credentials. Specializing in academic and career guidance, Rhea has been a pillar of support for students facing critical decisions about their futures. 

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Rajat Kapoor

Rajat Kapoor, a certified provider of career services holding a Master's in Social Work, is wholly committed to empowering individuals throughout their career endeavors. Drawing from a foundation in social work, Rajat demonstrates exceptional prowess in comprehending varied needs, championing an inclusive outlook in the realm of career counseling. 

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Dr. Naina Sharma

Dr. Naina Sharma, a licensed counselor specializing in mental health with a Doctorate in Psychology, seamlessly blends psychological expertise with career guidance. Concentrating on mental wellness within professional settings, Dr. Sharma adeptly steers individuals toward conquering psychological hurdles hindering their career advancement.

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Amit Desai

Amit Desai, a certified professional co-active coach with an MBA in Marketing, specializes in coaching professionals to achieve their career goals. With a decade of experience in corporate leadership, Amit's coaching philosophy revolves around unlocking individual potential and aligning personal values with professional aspirations. 

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Best Platform for Career Counselling in Pune

Get One Stop solution for diverse needs related to your career through Career Guidance in Pune. Our 4 best career counsellors in Pune provide comprehensive and diverse solution for students so that they get clarity and are empowered to take informed decisions and move on their career path with confidence. For students, who are seeking Career Guidance in Pune, connect with 4 best Career Counsellor in Pune and choose from a wide range of packages including career assessments and consultation as per your requirement. For students, who are seeking Career Guidance in Pune from us, we help them explore their IKIGAI and recommend the best career options for students based on their strengths as well as market demand. Our Career Guidance in Pune for students also includes access to detailed career documents which provide a complete career roadmap, details on the best colleges, entrance exams, certifications and other profile-building measures. Moreover, we also provide access to Career Blogs, Career Videos and publish regular updates regarding Admission notifications for students.

Best Career Counselling in Pune Near Me
Don’t Worry

Our Career Assessments are designed in such a way that you get only those career options, for which you are eligible. Moreover, it also throws light on market demand for various career opportunities.

Questions & Answers

Question 1. Who is the best Career Counsellor in Pune?

Answer:  Mindgroom offers the 4 best career counsellor in Pune who are well-qualified, and have industry-wide knowledge and expertise in the analysis of career assessments. Students are able to connect with our counsellors due to their level of understanding, empathy and enthusiasm of our counsellors to help individuals and guide them towards their career goals.

Question 2. What is the price of Career Counselling in Pune?

Answer:  Career Counselling in Pune is available for as low as INR 2999/- if you are looking for a generic session and discussion. However, if you wish to know which career is best for you, then you must opt for career counselling packages with assessment. Various packages and assessment details are mentioned on our website. The deliverables offered in our packages are such that you will find every package fairly priced. Moreover, when it’s about career decisions, the right guidance is most important and price consideration should come later.

Question 3. Can I get Free Career Counselling in Pune?

Answer:  We offer initial discussion on call for free. But for complete solution to your concern, you must enrol with us by choosing from a wide range of packages. If someone is offering free career counselling in Pune, there is a possibility that they may give biased guidance and may push you to join a college or institute where they have a vested interest. Remember, the amount you will spend for career counselling in Pune will be negligible in your career. Hence our focus is to provide you best career counsellor in Pune rather than free career counselling.

Question 4. Should I go for Career Counselling in Pune?

Answer:  Career Counselling sessions can be an eye-opener for any individual. You get to know many new options and career paths. You also get an opportunity to explore your strengths and interests and hence choose a career which is in line with them. Remember, there is no reverse gear in life, so it’s better to set your career goal and take an informed decision rather than doing hit and trial.

Question 5. What actually happens in Career Counselling in Pune?

Answer:  Career Counselling includes one on one discussion between a student and a counsellor, which removes all doubts and leads an individual from confusion to clarification. Career counsellor may conduct certain assessments to determine the strengths and interests of an individual and guide them on the basis of the results of the test. In addition, a career roadmap is given to an individual to achieve his/her career goal.

Question 6. Can I get face to face Career Counselling in Pune near me?

Answer:  Yes, we do provide face-to-face Career Counselling in Pune. We have best Career counsellors in Pune, who are well-qualified, have a wide range of expertise and are available to go an extra mile to help you in all your career requirements.

Question 7. Who will be counselling me?

Answer:  We have career counsellor in Pune who has 10+ years of experience in Career Counselling and Industry. Our entire team career counsellors is well trained and experienced to handle all your career related queries. You may go through the profiles of individual counsellors on our website.

Question 8. Should I opt for Online Career Counselling or Face to Face Career Counselling in Pune?

Answer:  Online career counselling provides the comfort of connecting from home and saves a lot of time and money. Further, there is no difference between assessments and their results. In addition, you may connect with the 4 best career counsellors across the globe. However, it all depends on your individual preference.

Question 9. Which Career Assessment should I opt for Career Counselling in Pune?

Answer:  There are 2 types of assessments – Psychometric, which determines Acquired Intelligence and Biometric, which determines Inborn Intelligence. The inborn intelligence test has the advantage that its results are independent of mindset and remain the same throughout life. However, Psychometric has its own advantage in that it determines the present state of mind. Hence, we recommend that you should not take any chance and opt for both assessments.

Question 10. Do I need to pay every time I consult for Career Counselling in Pune?

Answer:  No! You approach us with a concern and we give you solution to your concern. We don’t want students to stay away from taking the right guidance just for the sake that they have to pay every time they connect. So, we have packages with a validity of up to 1 year. In addition to counselling interaction, we provide complete support including details about colleges, admission etc.

Success Stories

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Mindgroom Career Counselling - Reviews
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Mindgroom Career Counselling

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Career Counselling Ratings by Google
I had visited Mindgroom Career Counselling for my daughter's career counselling with a little apprehension as an earlier visit to another counsellor did not turn positive. But upon visiting Mindgroom, they put us at ease and explained the process that we will go through. Counselor is a very good listener and after her guidance we have got a much clearer idea regarding the career options available for my daughter. She is a thorough professional who does not give an arbitrary advice. Would strongly recommend other parents who require counselling for their children to visit her.
Spending 8k on a therapist would've been more fruitful. The DMIT and psychometric tests seemed just like a formality, results of those were not explained properly. At the end of the day you leave the room with the same confusion when you first entered it. Nothing is scientific about their analysis, it's just like talking to another random person about your career path dilemma. Chose them based on the 5 star ratings on Google, was silly to not notice how there was not even one 3 or 4 star rating. The counsellor didn't even have a background in Psychology.
My son, has a dilemma of choosing from either going in for a technical stream or to pursue a Tech+Mgmnt course. The discussion & insight give by the counsellor were practical and also related to the current & future industry scenario and also touched upon the personality traits. I am hopeful that the session would be helpful, surely, in taking a more appropriate decision.
I'm an engineering student from E&C and had query for the further course to pursue to enhance the career growth. This session was really motivational for me, it gave me direction and exposure for the career growth in various fields in the market with future scope.
Before coming here i was lost and had no idea about what to do in my life. i was planning to do engineering but i was diagnosed with dyslexia and dyscalculia and was told that i would not be able to do engineering, having no clue what to do next in life. i came here and they helped me with everything. i got answers to all my questions and now i have a clear goal in life. the session was very convincing and i am more focused than ever
The counselling session was very good. The explanation on the basis of chambers of brain was vary good.And I will fully try to strengthenmy weak subjects and practice more.
The session was great, it helped me plan my career. It helps you achieve your career goal and gives you many more options based on your likes and dislikes. I used to have a lot of confusion, but after this session my thinking became clear and purposeful. Varun sir is amazing, he analyzed my personality and gives great advice and suggestions. I recommend this session to those people who are struggling to decide their future or something related to it. thank you very much
I just completed my 12th in commerce without maths stream from Laxman Public School. In the last few months of my 12th I was really confused about my future and I had all the thoughts that students of my class have. I knew I wanted to do something in business but wasn't really clear about different aspect and ways and then after a bit of research I came to know about Mindgroom Career Counselling and then I enrolled here and I must say that I don't really regret that as it helped me a lot. I came to know about different colleges and courses that I could go for and filled up forms of the best institutes so this place not only helped me in finding the best colleges but also the best courses for me and now all my confusion and doubts are clear now and I have a clear vision about my future path. I would really like to thank the staff for being so helpful at all the points.
The best counseling Service I've come across. It's fascinating to understand you're child from the brain perspective. The report was very detailed and the online counseling was outstanding. Would highly recommend.
I came in for a session with Mamta maam. I needed clarity on my future career path for pursuing higher studies in forensic psychology abroad. I was provided with complete information about the necessities of the programs, pre-requisites and also the exams needed to clear the process of admissions. I am fully satisfied with the process and the results of the session. I wish them all the best.
I just finished my 12th grade exams this year. I had non medical and was confused about the right career path that I must take up and was suggested to take up counselling at Mindgroom. I have had three sessions with Mamta ma'am and am pretty clear about my career choices now after having taken up the aptitude tests and the face to face sessions with her. She showed immense interest and support and followed up on my queries closely and gave the best advice.
I especially want to thank ma'am for making me understand my strength and limitations according to the brain mapping test and it was a session full of positive energy exchanges. This session helped me alot for introspection and accordingly moving in the direction.
Spending 8k on a therapist would've been more fruitful. The DMIT and psychometric tests seemed just like a formality, results of those were not explained properly. At the end of the day you leave the room with the same confusion when you first entered it. Nothing is scientific about their analysis, it's just like talking to another random person about your career path dilemma. Chose them based on the 5 star ratings on Google, was silly to not notice how there was not even one 3 or 4 star rating. The counsellor didn't even have a background in Psychology.
Counselling is good. He told me that I will take non medical stream after 10th board exam
It’s a really good way to know about yourself like how to put your energy into right direction and where to go in life. People like me who really failed to know what to do in life because of some circumstances happened in their life must go for this test. It will surely help them to explore and and find a better version of themselves. And not for failures it will help everyone to understand in detail what is good for them in life .
I recently got Career Counseling done from Mindgroom Services Private Limited; they helped me identify my strengths through their inborn intelligence test which is surprisingly so accurate and unbelievable. Guys if you are given an option, choose their combo offer of inborn and acquired. The best part is that they guide you on complete career roadmap including college details.
I m an engineer working in gurgaon. I visited them for my DMIT test and counselling 5 years ago and now I realized hw true they were so they r best for career counselling
Yes this is test is helpful to about yourself. And to guide for right decisiona in which things we have interest or not. So this test is best.
Thoroughly scientific and professional method of career counselling. There are different packages to suit individual needs and budget. Starts with an initial discussion followed by scientific assessment followed by results of tests provided to you. Guidance by Mindgroom Career Counselling provides career clarity to the candidates based on their strengths. Highly recommended
They did my son Dmit test and gave perfect guidance to us.They r best in Delhi and Amritsar for career counselling


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